God Provides through His Creation


Article #3, enjoy!

Where can we find food that will fulfill our physical needs as well as honor God? Well, good news! God has already provided many great things for food through His creation! The food Jesus ate while among us, was as close to the natural state as when God created it in the beginning. Read Genesis 1:29, 3:18 and Ezekiel 16:19. These verses tells us that seed-bearing plants, every tree that has fruit with seed in it, plants of the field, flour, olive oil, and honey is good for us! There are also verses that talk about eating or serving almonds, curds of cow’s milk, fish, sheep, and more. God created all the necessary foods our bodies need through HIS creation.

Dr. Rex Russell, M.D. says in his book What the Bible Says about Healthy Living, that “many wonderfully designed foods taste sweet. It is as though God took the very best He had for humans and laced them with natural sugars and complex carbohydrates. When God designed our tongue, God created taste buds. One of four kinds of taste buds was specifically blueprinted to appreciate the wonder of the sweet flavor. Just as a hummingbird is attracted to sweet syrup, so humans are pleased with sweet things. The Latin word frui, which gives us our word “fruit”, means “enjoy.” If eaten in their natural states, the sweet flavor of fruits and vegetables are good for you because they contain fiber and other essential nutrients. These natural “sweet foods” also contain many protective ingredients that help prevent and fight off illnesses. God took great care in His Design to keep our minds and bodies healthy by using the food He created!”

As much as possible, we need to eat foods as they are created – before it is changed or converted into something man thinks is better. Your health is worth the extra work, expense and checking labels to be sure products are nutritionally beneficial. Can you find such a thing in the supermarket or local grocery store?  Sure, but you won’t find it in the aisles. Shop the perimeter of the store and you will find better foods for you and your family.  Words to look for when shopping: raw, organic, unrefined, unbleached, non-enriched, 100% whole grain, non-gmo, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives.  Better yet, shop local at a farmer’s market where you can get homegrown, organic produce.  Ask around to see who has fresh local eggs to purchase. Research the nearest locally raised and processed meat company. I have used the website www.eatwild.com to find local farmers. Just click on your state and it will give you a list! When it comes to eating whole foods, the way God designed; there is no calorie counting or diet to follow. What freedom we have to enjoy the foods the Lord created for us!!
Be flexible and patient while searching for the food treasures God has waiting for you. Slow changes will develop into lasting results in your physical and spiritual health and wellness.


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